Shruti Jhaveri has an experience of 19 years in art, and was a student of the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She has exhibited in over 25 shows across the globe including India, Belgium, Indonesia, Korea, Dubai and New York. Born and raised in Belgium, she has been creating unique paper sculptures out of intensive experimenting and research.


close up of infinity
A seed of the root. 6 x 28
earth element 1 , 17 x 17 , left side vi
fire element  , close up view
fire element 1, close up
fire element 2, 17 x17
fire element close up
galaxy 3,17 x17
galaxy 2, 17 x17
galaxy 1, 17 x17
seed of a root, close up
waves of life side view hd
Wood element  , 17 x 17
wood element 3, 17 x 17
fire element  , close up view (2)
Circle of Life
Labyrinth Series
Ocean's Waves

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Labyrinth Series

Paper and Mix Media (48" x 48") INR 1,45,000