Shashikant Zagade, an art director based in Mumbai, has spent over 25 years in the advertising business as an art, design and creative director on national and regional accounts. Shashikant has now practiced for nine years as an independent artist and graphic designer. Creating digital art is a love and passion of his that allows him to express in a visual form the many powerful thoughts and feelings he experiences. Each picture projects a deeply personal and spiritual insight. These experiences and insights manifest themselves in his mind as images...sometimes fleeting...sometimes repeating...and he then create what he sees and thus release it in the form of his pictures. He creates his images based on his own photos using Adobe Photoshop.


Shashikant was a part of 'Pustakanche Gaon' Project, an initiative of Maharashtra government that got 75-odd artists to paint the walls of the 25 premises at Pustakanche Gaon (village of books). The artists participated in a three-day wall painting camp at Bhilar near Mahabaleshwar and covered the 25 premises measuring 11,000 square feet with wall paintings and graphics.

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