Cause and Effect

Artist: Rudra Kishore Mandal
Collection: Fine Art
Category: Surreal

"This painting was inspired by a seemingly small event which left a very deep impression on my psyche. A moth... beautiful with silky golden wings outlined in dark brown velvety down, fluttering in my room and suddenly caught in a spider's silky web, is unable to understand why its flight was unexpectedly interrupted. It flutters a little more pulling at the fine silken threads and unwittingly informing the predatory spider that a victim has just landed on its net. I see the spider progress towards the helplessly struggling moth, cautious enough not to break any of the threads, which holds its victim tangled. Pity suddenly swells up in my heart for the moth, knowing that a thing of such beauty and full of life is going to meet a painful and slow death. I intervene. I reach out and scoop the moth out of the web, scaring the spider away. The moth flutters in the cup of my hand with renewed vigour as if trying to celebrate its new found life. I look adoringly at it for a few moments and take it to an open window. I set it free... and it flutters away towards the mango tree... its wings shining like a spark of sunlight on this cloudy day... and then nothing....the spark is extinguished in a blink. A bird snatches the moth away in mid flight, perches itself on a nearby branch, looks at me as it devours the moth entirely. Life, death and destiny... the web of cause and effect! this painting is very close to my heart."

Size: 20.5in x 28.5in

Medium: Watercolor, Waterproof ink, graphite  on handmade paper

₹ 127,000
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