Artist: Rudra Kishore Mandal
Collection: Fine Art
Category: Surreal

According to Indian and Tibetan Tantric spiritual practices, the ‘kundalini’ is the primal energy or life force which lies coiled at the base of the spine, in every human being. Through certain rituals and meditation this energy can be roused in quest of spiritual awakening and communion with the divine spirit leading to spiritual bliss. The Kundalini is mostly described as a serpent, lying coiled and dormant at the base of our spine until the time we experience spiritual awakening. Then the Kundalini shakti (energy which is feminine in aspect) rises through the six ‘Chakras’ in our body, stimulating each Chakra as it passes through it. At the epitome of its arousal, the Kundalini shakti reaches the seventh Chakra which is situated at the crown of our head to achieve communion with Mahadeva/Shiva who is the masculine energy and hence this communion results in spiritual bliss akin to a lotus blooming with thousand petals. Any human who has been able to reach this state of Spiritual bliss, finds peace in their soul and reaches a heightened state of awareness where they are able to pierce through the physical bonds of ‘Maya’ and grasp the ultimate truth about their existence. It is the eternal quest of Shakti to unite with Shiva, and each of us is a vessel to that end. This painting explores the connection between love and spirituality.

Size: 13.5in x 20.5in

Medium: Watercolor, Waterproof ink, graphite  on handmade paper


₹ 86,000
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