The Ventriloquist

Artist: Rudra Kishore Mandal
Collection: Fine Art
Category: Surreal

Control defines our existence today. Our civilization thrives on it. Our personal lives are controlled by 'Control'! It helps us tame ourselves and others. It helps us exercise authority and dominance over every aspect of our existence and gives us power and status in our societal construct. Power is the intoxication which makes the world swoon. We are constantly exerting control through violence, manipulation, commands or pleas trying to keep the power in our hands. We are constantly chasing our goals, fulfilling our needs at any cost. Spirituality constantly warns us about this obsession with control and reminds us again and again that there is nothing absolute and nothing in this universe which we can control. It is all just an illusion. Yet we are constantly trying to be in charge and keep others in control... to play with them as puppets forgetting in the process that we are puppets too. Ventriloquists speak through their puppets in the process adapting the puppets character. So, who can say for sure that the puppet is not speaking through the Ventriloquist instead? The illusion is the reality and the reality is an illusion.

Size: 20.5in x 28.5in

Medium: Watercolor, Waterproof ink, graphite  on handmade paper


₹ 127,000
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