ART MAP 2020 by Saniya Kantawala

Artist: Venzo Wood x Eztablish

The art and design areas of South Mumbai.
Studying works of Mondrian where he contributed to abstract visual language in a large way despite using a relatively small canvas. We have used thick taupe brushworks (in the form of veneer) in comparison to black brushwork that Mondrian used.
We imprinted a part of South Bombay that imbibes ?heritage, arts & design culture. Kala Ghoda was the first area that came to mind. Mondrian worked a lot with Cubism. He would use primary colours and imprint maps of various cities around the world. Taking inspiration from his famous 1929 artwork Composition II with red, blue, and yellow; his visual language is where we adopted something in a similar manner for certain areas of South Bombay.
Size:?8 in? 48 in
₹ 100,000

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