DROP by Kanhai Gandhi

Artist: Venzo Wood x Eztablish

Water - the most precious substance on Earth. All living things need water to survive. It is the centrepiece of our lives. Benjamin Franklin had famously quoted "When the well's dry, we know the worth of water."

A drop or droplet; the smallest visible form of water to the naked eye, which is so pure and miniscule. It is considered as representation of water. To give an understanding that the petite form of water is also of prime significance.

The drop is topped up with the red bottles depicting the plastic squander that has been created by us ?HUMANS?. Plaguing the planet.

"Grandfather saw it in a river,
Father saw it in a well,
We saw it in a Tap,
Our children see it in a Bottle,
Where will our grandchildren see it!
In a Capsule?
If we still neglect,
It will only be seen in Tears"

?Every drop counts?. We hope that this installation creates an awakening amongst global citizens to join hands and stop WATER from bleeding because of the WASTE that we generate.

Size: 48in x 48in

₹ 100,000

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