BINDU by Ishan Grover

Artist: Venzo Wood x Eztablish

With the theme, iconic artworks of the world, it was essential for me to confine my search and take inspiration from within the realms of India?s rich art and architecture, which has always been the world?s envy. After endlessly searching through books and of course google, I came across the legendary works of Shri S. H. RAZA. My love for pure geometric patterns and symbolic gestures made Raza?s work the right choice.

His most celebrated series ?BINDU? is derived from the Indian concept of ?shunya?- The abstract of nothingness and yet that which has the ability to add value to whatever it is affixed to. It is at the center of this work from which all creation is born. While going through the process of creating the ?Bindu?, I considered the veneer at the center of this exciting task through which an artwork was born.

Size:?/span>48 in? 48 in
₹ 100,000

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