VIRYA by AMPM Designs

Artist: Venzo Wood x Eztablish

This art is inspired by the famous Paris-based Indian artist Raza whose works are inspired by Indian religious imagers & philosophical concepts with the colour palette also coming from the vibrant colours of Indian primary shades. The most celebrated of his art series has been ?The Bindu? (the dot or the epicentre) derived from the Indian concept of ?Shunya.? - The abstract of nothingness & yet that has an ability to add value to whatever it is affixed to therefore leading it to Infinity. It is also interpreted as ?the source of energy, source of life?.

?span>Taking it forward we wanted to compare ?The Bindu? with various forms of architecture. The most astonishing comparison came up with the architraves being the fundamental element in architecture & Interiors has a similar meaning of shunya to it. It also symbolises its transition of aura & energy from one space to another marking the beginning of the space while leaving behind the other.

The four forms of architraves with wide range of veneers are developed revolving around one common concept of Infinity with enriching colours from Raza?s various arts, also transforming ?The architrave? from a very silent design feature to a very transitional yet powerful symbol like ?The Bindu? which comes out of nothingness.

Size: 48in x 72in

₹ 100,000

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