With the world as her canvas as she goes about tailoring spaces, Kanak Nanda creates bespoke nooks and specialises in creating a masterpiece out of an humble wall, a mundane ceiling, or a waiting door. Her wanderlust lifestyle and memories from travels are the source of inspiration : everything she sees, feels and experiences contributes to the depth and fervour of her work. Her continued love of perpetual exploration is reflected in her contrasting bodies of work, and her expertise has attained her the title of the first Indian Nova Color Brand Ambassador 2020. With a portfolio ranging from vivid abstract paintings adorning the interiors of pretty cafes to hand painted bars in one of India’s leading wineries, Kanak Nanda works closely with each client to create a completely unique and custom design.


Blue & White Ceramic Inspired Mural

Blue & White Ceramic Inspired Mural

Concrete & Rust World Map

Concrete & Rust World Map

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