Art has always been a passion for Hitesh Gilder. Being an entrepreneur in the hardware business for over 30 years, manufacturing bathroom accessories, knobs and door handles, Hitesh has experience in design and casting processes, and working with different metals. This familiarity with various metals is what helped start my career in sculpting. From sculpting, he has now transitioned into paintings, as well, and am now working on pieces that fuse the two forms of art to create something unique. He has also attended workshops in the UK and USA, to learn creative sculpting and different casting methods used in experimental sculptures. My main focus is stainless steel, which has a high mirror polish and is a challenging metal to work with. Growing up in a city like Mumbai, being so close to the sea, it is impossible not to be inspired by nature. Nature is the most versatile muse, never constant and changing everyday. His art has grown from this, and focuses on organic forms, natural shapes & curves. He has had solo shows at prestigious galleries like Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2019), taken part in multiple art festivals like India Art Festival, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore.


Winged Dreams
The Bond