Arzan Khambatta is an architect by profession, and a sculptor by choice. Encouraged by his parents, he would initially scout the streets, garages, construction sites for scrap metal and weld them into pieces of art he fondly christened SCRAPTURES : a word that has become synonymous with Arzan. What started off purely as a hobby, slowly began to yield income when his first buyer in 1983. He got his first public response in 1993 when he opened SCRAPTURES to the public at the Jehangir Art Gallery.

There was no looking back since. Today, Arzan's pieces are found in corporate houses, hotels, and private collections around the world, ranging from six inches to seventy feet in height. He is passionate about his work and takes up challenges which defy his own creativity, encouraged by his favourite saying, "The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer".

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